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A Conceptual Energy Optimization of the Building Envelope

  • Enter building location
  • Enter the four envelope parameters, using the sliders
  • The annual energy/heat losses per linear meter of the envelope will be shown for two cases (conventional and thermally broken balconies)
  • If energy/losses per m2 are needed, multiply the calculated losses by the envelope perimeter/length and divide by the floor area

Floor Height (m) =

Wall RSI-Value (m2K/W) =

(RSI-Value = R-Value / 5.678)

Window USI-Value (W/m2K) =

(USI-Value = U-Value * 5.678)

Windows Percentage =

Percentage of Perimeter with Balconies =

Annual heat losses in kWh per meter of envelope (conventional balconies):

Annual heat losses in kWh per meter of envelope (thermally broken balconies):

Savings in % from the use of thermal breaks:

(*) the following typical linear transmittance values may be used, if no project specific ones are available
  • Linear transmittance of conventional (unbroken) balconies = W/mK

  • Linear transmittance of thermally broken balconies = W/mK

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